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Install Homebrew

What is a brew?

Everyone that used a linux before, had to use apt-get on debian/ubuntu system or yum for centos/red hat. Homebrew or Brew as well as these tools, is a package manager which allows you to install (mostly) linux libs and tools on your mac. Allowing also create your own packages to easy install on another macs.

Its web page is at https://brew.sh, for full details.

Instalation, paste that at a Terminal prompt.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

What does Homebrew do?

Some Homebrew formulas ex.:
brew install wget
brew install redis
brew install apache2
brew update apache2

  • Get Homebrew version
    brew -v
  • To update Homebrew itself and its formulas
    brew update
  • Identify where the Homebrew program itself is located
    which brew
  • Get a count of kegs, how many files, and the disk space they take:
    brew info --all
  • List where .tar.gz “bottle” files are downloaded into from the internet from current user. A Bottle is a pre-built binary Keg used for installation instead of building from source. It can be unpacked.
    ls ~/Library/Caches/Homebrew
  • List brew formulas installed
    ls /usr/local/Cellar or brew list or brew ls
  • List brew package folders
    brew search
  • Verify brew installation
    brew doctor
  • List brew packages that are obsolete
    brew outdated
  • To stop a specific package from being updated/upgraded, pin it. To allow that formulae to update again, unpin it.
    brew pin <FORMULA>
  • Download and update ALL software packages installed
    brew upgrade
  • To see which files would be removed as no longer needed
    brew cleanup -n
  • To really remove all files no longer needed
    brew cleanup

Homebrew formulas index

The aim of this website (http://brewformulas.org) is to provide an easy way to search for a Homebrew formula.

Install Homebrew
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