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Load XML and validate with XSD

This following example it loads and do the validation of a XML file against the specified XSD file.
XSD files are "XML Schemas" that describe the structure of a XML document.
Some lines were added to report errors, but they are optional, but recomended.

function load_and validate_xml($filename_xml, $filename_xsd)
    $xml_doc = new DOMDocument();
    $valid_xml = $xml_doc->schemaValidate($filename_xsd) ? $xml_doc : false;

    foreach (libxml_get_errors() as $error) {
        $product_schema_errors[]=$error; // handle errors

    // if valid xml, save it to array
        $valid_xml_array = xml_to_array($filename_xml);
        tracking_log('', basename($filename_xml), '', 'OK', 'SCHEMA VALIDATION', '');
        fn_nl_digitecgalaxus_log('', basename($filename_xml), $msg, 'ERROR', 'SCHEMA VALIDATION', '');

    return !empty($valid_xml_array) ? $valid_xml_array : FALSE;
Load XML and validate with XSD
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